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DМ-34 Multipurpose loader

Фронтальный погрузчик DM-34 отечественного производстваФронтальный погрузчик DM-34 вид справаУниверсальный фронтальный погрузчик DM-34 выпущенный на Заводе Дорожных машин
Фронтальный погрузчик DM-34 готовый к работеФронтальный погрузчик DM-34 оборудованный ковшомФронтальный погрузчик DM-34 в процессе работыФронтальный погрузчик DM-34 подготовлен к работе в условиях российской зимы

Multipurpose loader is designed for loading of bulky and lump materials to the machines, for earth moving of soil 1-3 categories without preliminary ripping and soil 4 category after preliminary ripping, for loading and unloading of piece freight and for conducting building and other works with the help of additional attached equipment.


Advanced functionality

  • The machine construction allows using wide range of additional equipment for production, road-building, railway building, mining and logging.

Operation convenience

  • The loader is equipped with hand-exchange device (adapter) which helps to change attached equipment in 1-2 minutes.

Ergonomic working place

  • Ergonomic cabin with huge transparency zone provides comfort and good visibility during operation.
  • Convenient arrangement of all control levers and dashboard guarantees full control on machine work.

The main advantage of the loader DМ-34 is wide range of additional attached equipment, which can be settled on the machine:

Technical data:

Operating weight, kg 10500
Frame type Swivel joint
Transmission Hydro
Carrying capacity, kg 3400
Scoop volume, m3 1,9
Breakout force, kg 10500
Hydraulic system With two sectional valves with direct hydraulic control
Width of cutting edge, mm 2500
Unloading height, mm 2904
Scoop reach, mm 1095
Turning radius, mm 5500
Turning angle +/-, degree 35
Engine D-260.2
Engine power, kW (hp) 90,4 (123)
Speed (Forward I; II; III; IV /Back I;II), km/h 6,3; 11,5; 21,3; 35,8 / 6,5; 22,7
Dimension, in transportation position, mm
Length 7200
Width 2500
Height 3250
Base, mm 2850
Fuel tank, l 200
Hydraulic tank, l 150
Electric circuit, V 24
Time of hydraulic cycle with nominal scoop freight, sec
Lifting 5,5
Unloading 1,3
Descending 3,7