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DM14 Grader

Grader DM14Грейдер DM-14 отечественного производстваGrader DM14 at work

Grader DM14 medium class is designed for blading and leveling of road base surface and embankment area, scraping of slopes, moving of soil and gravel. It is used for road, railway, airport, hydrotechnic building when it is necessary to clean roads and sites from snow, and to molder soil and remove worn-out road layers.


Operation convenience

  • Anti-skid mechanism
  • Fast and easy speed switch is produced by hydro mechanical transmission
  • Swivel joint is for turning radius reduction
  • Brake system is strengthened with hydraulic power
  • Front blade is in basic set

Basic components:

  • Engine YAMZ-236M2 (Russia) or «Cummins» 6BTA5.9 (on request)
  • Hydraulic pumps Rexroth
  • Hydromechanic transmission YD13 (under the license of ZF (Germany)
  • Block of distribution valves HUSCO

Ergonomic and safe working place

  • New ergonomic cabin design
  • High quality shock-absorbers
  • Ergonomic configuration of control dashboard

Service and maintenance

  • Convenient access to service points
  • Alligator-type bonnet

Additional equipment

  • Condition system
  • Side blade ( is used for snow cleaning over beam guards)
  • Scarifier ( is used for soil ripping)
  • Superset of spare parts and accessories

Technical data:

structural / Operating weight (without dozer blade), t Cummins 14,2 / 14,5 / YaMZ-236M2 14,7 / 15,0
structural / Operating weight (with dozer blade), t Cummins 15,1 / 15,4 / YaMZ-236M2 15,6 / 15,9
Axels 1x2x3
Engine Cummins 6BTA5,9 / YaMZ-236 M2
Type engine Diesel
The number of cylinders in the engine 6
Engine power, kW (hp.) Cummins 128 (175) / YaMZ-236M2 132 (180)
The maximum rotational speed, r / min 2100
Frame type articulated
Transmission hydromechanical
The number of gears, forward / backward 6/3
The maximum forward speed, km / h 35,1
The maximum speed in reverse, km / h 26,8
Size / number of tires 14,00-24 / 6
Rear axle Final drive with differential samoblokiruemym and outboard planetary gears
Dimensions grader
length (without dozer blade / with dozer blade) mm 8650/9450
Width 2530
Height (without flashing beacon), mm 3530
Base grader (distance between front and rear axles) mm 6330
The base of the rear axle (distance between the rear axle) mm 1538
Track front / heel wheels, mm 2140/2085
Turning radius mm 7800
Clearance, mm 430
The angle of the front wheels, deg ± 17
The rotation angle of the front wheels, deg ± 45
The angle of the front axle oscillation, degrees ± 15
rocker swing angle of the rear axle, grad ± 10
The rotation angle (folding) articulated frame, deg ± 25
grader blade
The length of the blade, mm 3660
Blade height, mm 610
Lower blade below the supporting surface, mm 500
Side removal of the blade on both sides with respect to the traction frame, mm 800
turntable steerable
The ring gear turntable With the engagement of the teeth on the inner diameter of
The length of the blade, mm 2530
Blade height, mm 900
Lower blade below the supporting surface, mm 100
Fuel tank, l 330
The hydraulic tank, l 110
Electrical, In 24
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