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Уплотнитель полигонов ТБО Um-25Уплотняющая машина UM-25Уплотняющая машина UM-25Уплотняющая машина UM-25Компактор ТБО UM-25Компактор ТБО UM-25Компактор ТБО UM-25

The landfill compactor is designed to conduct high quality work on compaction of solid household and industrial waste


High efficiency

  • High contact pressures generated by operating cam rollers provide a high degree of material compaction.
  • High traction characteristics and installation of the bladellow the machine to perform the functions of sealing, moving and leveling of solid household and industrial waste.
  • The open design of the cam drums and the cam scrapers provides effective cleaning of drum surface the compactor is equipped with a pneumatic system for periodic cleaning of the heat exchangers from clogging.
  • Radiator submitted separately and equipped with self-contained fan blowing for effective cooling actuating fluid.

Operation convenience and maintenance

  • Ergonomic cabin with huge transparency zone provides comfort and good visibility during operation
  • Easy access to the service points

Advanced functionality
Design of the machine (one drum at the front and two drums behind) provides:

  • extension of compaction line width up to 3300 mm,
  • ateral stability when working on slopes
  • high flotation.

Long service life

  • Resource engine – 6000 m/h
  • Resource hydraulic pumps and motors – 5000 m/h

In use economy

  • Hydrostatic drive of the compactor provides low fuel consumption.
  • Cost reduction on hydraulic oil purchase due to installation of two tanks on drive system and system of rotation and blade control (inexpensive industrial oil is poured into the tank of hydraulic control circuit)

Technical data:

Frame type Swivel joint
Operating weight, t 26
Transmission Hydrostatic
Number of rollers, front/rear axel, pcs 1/2
Diameter of the rollers, mm 1650
Height of the cams, mm 200
Speed (operation/transportation), km/h 4 / 12
Drum width, mm 3300
Compress rate, kg/m3 900…1100
Ground pressure, kg/cm2 175
Clearence by cams, mm 925
Traction force, t 29,2
Bulldozer equipment (weight-height-height with lattice), mm 3500-1200-2000
Engine YaMZ-238
Type Diesel
Engine power, kW (hp) 220 (300)
Fuel consumption during working operation, L/h 17,83
Dimensions (lenght with blade – blade lenght without – without a blade width – height), mm 8395 – 6765 – 3500 – 3775
Base, mm 4000
Fuel tank, l 900
Bulldozer equipment (basic) direct
Bulldozer equipment (optional) dome-shaped

Standard equipment: