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Service and repair departments of the company are always ready to provide current and thorough repairs of road-building machines, not only road rollers, but any other machines even foreign production.
High qualification of specialists, quality of conducted works, quickness of response, attention to needs and desires of Road workers of Russia has become calling card of Road Construction Machinery Factory LLC.



According to the amount of produced machines the enterprise occupies first place in Russia. But it is not the limit of opportunities. The company plans to increase production twice. Specialists of the company regularly improve their skills in special educational centers and also other companies, which work in similar spheres and provide the plant with spare parts.

At the plant a lot of attention is paid to production culture and quality of produced machines. We carry out technical meetings, where leading specialists discuss problems, connected with changes of rollers construction to increase quality of our products. Nowadays we use a lot of foreign components to provide reliable quality of machines.

Mechanical department

Mechanical department is equipped with turning lathes 16K20, 1K62, DIP300, DIP 500, turning and boring machine, milling and drilling machines. This equipment allows to produce large-size components (drums, sviwel-joint), and also small components (connecting tubes, caps). At the site there is overhead track hoist with the weight 3-5 tones for work with heavy components.

Rolling section

It is equipped with the machine for rolling produced in Turkey. On this machine we produce side walls of any thickness for drums with diameters 1200mm and 1600mm with width till 2000mm.

Blank section

It is equipped with plasma-cutting machine, which allows to cut blanks of any configuration from the list with maximum thickness 50mm. On the site there are two guillotine-type cutting machines with cutting ability from 6 mm to 20 mm.

Metal work assembly section

It is equipped with welding semi-automatic machines. On this site we conduct assembly of big metal components (roller frames, engine frames, drums).

Assembly section

Сборка асфальтового каткаThe site is supplied with equipment which allow to conduct assembly of 6 machines simultaneously. On this site we test engines and assemble power components.