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Road Machinery Factory LLC

Zavod Dorozhnyh Mashin, OOO has modern plant facilities, and excellent profitability. The main seat is developed over 7500 of covered m2, included into a total area of 45000 m2. In the nearby a new building of over 1500 m2 has been built, for production purpose.

We produce every year over 300 equipment units, employing 250 engineers and technicians following entirely the industrial planning and the research and develop of new products.

DM is the largest and most trusted manufacturer of Road Construction Equipment in Russia. The customer support with strong customer care is our core philosophy. DM offers the best support to its customers during product life cycle. With the wide range of equipment offered DM truly is source of possibilities for our partners.

Дорожные катки DM-10-VD и DM-07-VD
автогрейдер ДМ-14
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