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Word from the CEO

Директор Kuznetsov P. A:    Almost 100% of the domestic fleet of rollers manufactured and repaired at the enterprises of the Yaroslavl region. One of the leading enterprises, more than fourteen years, the prestige of their field in Russia and abroad, is the Rybinsk Road Construction Machinery Factory LLC June 30, 2015 the plant was 14 years old. On this occasion, a talk with the director of the Factory Pavel Kuznetsov

– Pavel, tell a few words about the history of your plant …
– Rybinsk Road Construction Machinery Factory LLC “was founded in 1999 and initially specialized in the serial production of self-propelled rollers. It is no secret that competition in this market is quite serious, but even in such harsh conditions, we remain in demand now. All these fourteen years, we have successfully developed, gaining the trust of more and more new customers. Today, Rybinsk Road Construction Machinery Factory LLC – one of the leading manufacturers of road rollers in Russia. Who orders for road machinery are formed early spring, and in the midst of the construction season, we go to work in two shifts, to have time to cope with all the orders. On all of the machinery operates 12 months warranty. Products and services of Rybinsk Road Construction Machinery Factory LLC certified organization operating in Moscow MADI-CERT. The plant has a subsidiary company DM-Service, which is engaged in repair any road-building equipment; work expeditiously mobile repair teams, traveling to any part of Russia. In my opinion, these figures speak for themselves. The company in 2013 declared the Year of Quality, as only quality products can compete in the Russian market for the production of road equipment.

– In fact, the company does not stand still … What role do you give to the introduction of new technologies?
– According to the calculations of our economic department at the stability of the results achieved Rybinsk Road Construction Machinery Factory LLC can not afford to work in a streamlined operation three or four years. But this way will inevitably lead to a dead end. Therefore, since we launched own design and technology bureau, headed for the modernization of production and an increase in nomenclature. Introduced in production, both foreign and their own innovations. In particular, the roller DM-10, which was developed by our size. The project was patented in 2006, then it was put into production, it has now issued its fourth generation. Our customers are very satisfied, specific complaints on the quality of workmanship is not supplied, but their suggestions for improving the service and work of the rink “are taken to the computer,” which allows you to make the rink more reliable, comfortable and functional. In 2008 cylinders arranged production of its own production, but experience has shown that production is best left to professionals and now we buy cylinders in Ukraine, one of our regular suppliers of reliable and quality products. Also recently in the Rollers are installed instead of the planetary gear units of domestic production planetary gear Italian companies «Trasmital Bonfiglioli» or «PMP», proven itself as a robust, developed a new drive unit of the vibrator roller, similar structures of European manufacturers of such equipment, such as HAMM, BOMAG , DYNAPAC and VOLVO. Modernization has touched cabins, hoods and operator workstations across the range of products we technique. On Rollers 2013 release changed the design of the rink, becoming more European and Russian, as well as the cockpit, at the operator’s steering column has appeared in a new, dvuhpostovaja, performed with imported complete set.

 – Do you take into account the special requirements of the client?
– Yes, of course, although it would seem, individual orders and mass production – incompatible things. For example, customer-specific on the rollers of any weight – 7 tons and more – established mechanism for handling the edge (for cutting or rolling the edge of the asphalt). However, we consider the question of the installation of this unit in the basic version rollers. In an optional procedure as possible to provide a heater rollers to work in the cold, to plus 5 degrees Celsius, time. In addition, the DM58 series Roller made additional wheel drums with rubber tread (which allows the rink to work on the ground). Their installation allows you to combine in one machine the possibility of the two rollers (DM58 and DM62) and road equipment to make a truly universal.

– Famous problems – employment. Does the Rybinsk Road Machinery Factory LLC need the specialists?
– On the one hand – yes, of course. Our company – serious works only with highly qualified staff, who always had a certain deficiency. But now we have a highly professional team, with whom we are not resting on our laurels, constantly working. At LLC “Plant” road cars “long-standing and established relations with the Rybinsk State Aviation Technological Academy. The assembly plants are specialists trained in the factories of the defense industry. Employees annually improve their skills, the plant sends refresher courses, in addition, highly developed practice of transfer of experience within the team. All this allows the staff of the enterprise (which, by the way, more than 100 people) to solve any design and manufacturing tasks.

 – What are you planning for the future and what do you expect from the future?
– In the nearest plans – increasing the range of products. Now some of these projects are in the works, the other at the manufacturing stage, the third stage of factory tests, and will be first presented to the public at the upcoming trade fairs to be held in the near future. In addition, it is planned to continue to establish our domestic hydraulic technology to replace imports, the most maintainable, and replaced if necessary. And if we talk about more global things, the foundation of our corporate philosophy, something that was, is and will be a priority for us – the emphasis on product quality. This includes the introduction of innovations in production, acquisition of new borudovaniya and careful input control components and control at every stage of manufacturing and assembly, and attentive customer care. Thus, step by step, Rybinsk Road Construction Machinery Factory LLC going to enter the next level and become an even better high-tech